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AL-1Fall Prevention, Response & Investigation PackageIncludes policy regarding completion of fall risk assessments, incorporation of fall prevention approaches in the …$125 assisted-living
AL-2EMR SignatureGuidelines for authenticating signatures in the medical record$50 assisted-living
A-3Dialysis PackageIncluded re policies for caring for residents with ESRD, caring for Hemodialysis Access, and a …$75 assisted-living
AL-4ALF Training Requirements for VIRGINIAGuidelines for training requirements for VIRGINIA ALFs$50 assisted-living
AL-5Incident Reporting and InvestigatingPolicy outlining reporting and investigating any major incident that has negatively affected, or that threatens …$50 assisted-living
AL-6Admission, Transfer and Discharge PackagesIncludes policies on Admissions, Transfers, Discharges, Bed Holds, Emergency Placements, and Readmission as well as …$125 assisted-living
AL-8Private Duty PersonnelPolicy outlining the management of private duty personnel$50 assisted-living
AL-9Siderail and Entrapment AvoidancePolicy offering guidance on siderail use$50 assisted-living
AL-10Oxygen StorageGuidance for storage of oxygen cylinders$50 assisted-living
AL-11Resident AllergiesProvides guidace for management of resident allergies$50 assisted-living
AL-12Behavior Monitoring PackagePolicy and form for monitoring and documenting behaviors and side effects from psychoactive medications$75 assisted-living
AL-13Healthcare Oversight PackagePolicy for conducting healthcare oversight visits. Included at no charge are the DSS forms for …$50 assisted-living
AL-14Intermittent Urinary Self-CatheterizationPolicy and evaluation form for residents who have a practitioner order for intermittent urinary self-catheterization …$75 assisted-living
AL-16Pet PackagePackage of 4 policies related to pets in the AL; one policy allows residents to …$100 assisted-living
AL-17First Aid KitsPolicy offering guidance regarding contents, inspection and location of first aid kits$50 assisted-living
AL-18Healthcare OversitePolicy offering guidance on the healthcare oversite regulations including required VA DSS forms$50 assisted-living
AL-19ISP PackagePackage include policy on ISP as well as ISP template. Policy only may be purchased …$150 assisted-living
AL-20HospicePolicy offering guidance for when a resident elects hospice services$50 assisted-living
AL-21Motorized Chairs and ScooterPolicy offering guidance and assessment of motorized chairs and scooters within the facility, included a …$125 assisted-living
AL-22Emergency DrillsPolicy offering guidance on managing emergency drills$50 assisted-living
AL-23Medication ManagementTemplate to be used to develop medication management care plan for assisted living facilities. Incorporates …$150 assisted-living
AL-24Restraint PackagePackage includes- Policy and procedure on restraints, restraint consent form, and device evaluation. Items can …$75 assisted-living
AL-25Placement on a Secured UnitPolicy and V-DSS form on ensuring proper admitting practices are followed when admitting a resident …$50 assisted-living
AL-26Sex Offender RegistryPolicy addresses requirement to register with the Sex Offender Registry and to monitor for potential …$50 assisted-living
AL-27Pre-Admission Screening for Mental IllnessPolicy and procedure for pre-admission screening of new admissions for mental illness; UPDATED 2019$50 assisted-living
AL-28Mental Health Services: Coordination and SupportPolicy and procedure to guide coordination and support for mental health services for residents$50 assisted-living
AL-29Continued Placement on Secure UnitPolicy on continued assessment for residence in secured unit; includes DSS form$50 assisted-living
AL-30Respite CarePolicy on admitting residents for respite care$50 assisted-living
AL-31Abuse PreventionPolicy on preventing abuse in AL Addresses prevention, screening, staff qualification, training, investigation, identification, protection, …$50 assisted-living
AL-32Advanced DirectivesPolicy on providing Advanced Directives information to residents$50 assisted-living
AL-33Meal Delivery Policy in Resident RoomsPolicy on delivering meals to residents including meal service in resident rooms$50 assisted-living
AL-34Meal Delivery Policy NOT in Resident RoomsPolicy on delivering meals when not served in resident rooms$50 assisted-living
AL-35DialysisPolicy on providing care to residents receiving dialysis$50 assisted-living
AL-36Dry Food StoragePolicy on storing dry food safely$50 assisted-living
AL-37Kitchen SanitationPolicy on maintaining kitchen sanitation$50 assisted-living
AL-38Grievance PackagePolicy on receiving and responding to grievances and sample form to document investigation and corrective …$70 assisted-living
AL-39Weapons in ALPolicy prohibiting the presence / use of weapons in AL$50 assisted-living
AL-40Management of Resident FundsPolicy / procedure for managing resident funds including providing a monthly account to resident / …$50 assisted-living
AL-41Monitoring Nutritional StatusPolicy on obtaining weights and notifying provider with a significant change$50 assisted-living
AL-42Personal Possessions and Missing ItemsPolicy guiding protocols for management of resident personal possessions and protocols for missing items$50 assisted-living
AL-43Resident RightsPolicy outlining rights of residents residing in assisted living facility$50 assisted-living
AL-44Religious / Cultural Practices and Dietary PreferencesPolicy for identifying and responding to religious / cultural practices related to dietary preferences$50 assisted-living
AL-45Snacks and FluidsPolicy on providing snacks ad fluids to residents$50 assisted-living
AL-46Therapeutic Diet and OversightPolicy on providing therapeutic diets and nutritional oversight to residents$50 assisted-living
AL-47Orientation of the New ResidentPolicy and checklist on providing orientation of the facility and facility practices to a new …$50 assisted-living
AL-48Administrative Manual for Virginia Assisted Living Facilities – March 2020Comprehensive policy manual that addresses policies necessary to support compliance with Virginia Assisted Living Standards. …$375 assisted-living
AL-49Rounding ToolAudit tool to guide the user on areas to inspect and review while rounding through …$50 assisted-living
AL-50Virginia ALF- Administrative ManualA comprehensive manual – entire compilation of the sections outlined below. The hard copy will …$375 assisted-living-manual
AL-48AVirginia ALF – Administrative Section 1 PackageResources include: Administrative Policies Abuse Prevention Admission, Transfer, and Discharge Procedures Admission Bed Hold Emergency …$175 assisted-living-manual
AL-48BALF Section 2 – Resident Electronics and Paper Records PackageElectronic Record Access and Security Electronic Signature Authorization Hybrid Resident Record System Release of Resident …$135 assisted-living-manual
AL-48CALF Section 3 – Personnel Policies PackageCommunication Designated Person in Charge Personnel and Health Records Private Duty Personnel Qualifications of Staff …$135 assisted-living-manual
AL-48DALF Section 4 – Uniform Assessment and Service Plans PackageIndividualized Service Plans Individualized Service Plan Template Resident and Family Participation in the Individualized Service …$100 assisted-living-manual
AL-48EALF Section 5 – Resident Care and Services PackageActivities Programming Beauty and Barber Services Change in Resident Condition Evaluation for Intermittent Self-Catherization Health …$175 assisted-living-manual
AL-48FALF Section 6 – Medications PackageAdministration of Medications and Treatments Controlled Substances Medication Management Plan Medication Review Monitoring Anticoagulant Therapy …$100 assisted-living-manual
AL-48GALF Section 7 – Mental Health Services PackageBehavioral Monitoring Mental Health Crises Mental Health Services Mental Health Services: Screening Psychoactive Medications$100 assisted-living-manual
AL-48HALF Section 8 – Meal Service & Nutrition PackageDelivery of Meals to Residents Food Storage – Dry Storage Foods Food Storage – Potentially …$135 assisted-living-manual
AL-48IALF Section 9 – Infection ControlBloodborne Pathogens Exposure Plan Cleaning Equipment and Supplies Cleaning/Sanitizing of Multiuse Medical Equipment Emergent Infectious …$175 assisted-living-manual
AL-48JALF Section 10 – Resident SafetyElopement Prevention and Response Fall Prevention and Response Hot Liquids Risk Assessment Lift Chairs Motorized …$135 assisted-living-manual
AL-48KALF Section 11 – Emergency ProceduresCardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid Training Emergency Power Supply – Onsite Generator Maintenance and Testing …$100 assisted-living-manual
AL-48LALF Section 12 – Incident Investigation and ReportingAbuse Prevention Incident Investigation and Reporting$75 assisted-living-manual
AL-48MALF Section 13 – Special Needs UnitActivities in the Special Needs Unit Admission to the Special Needs Unit Continued Residence Assessment …$100 assisted-living-manual
AL-48NALF Section 14 – Quality Assurance / Performance ImprovementQuality Assurance and Performance Improvement QAPI Action Plan Sample QAPI Action Plan Template QAPI Committee …$75 assisted-living-manual
Discharge PlanningReviews team responsibilities & resident participation from point of admission to discharge; updated for current …trainings-webinars
Fundamentals of Legal DocumentationReviews fundamental principles of documentation and consequences for incomplete/inaccurate documentation; has a focus on individual …trainings-webinars
Care PlanningReviews new regulations and expectations for resident participation; explores strategies for developing & maintaining person …trainings-webinars
Investigating Reporting AbuseProvides review of types of abuse, initial reporting, investigating allegations, protection, and submission of final …trainings-webinars
Investigation of Unusual OccurrencesProvides discussion of unusual events such as elopement, ingestion of poisonous materials, violent behavior, etc.  …trainings-webinars
Investigation of FallsProvides discussion on investigating falls from both an individual resident and facility perspective. F-689 Format: …trainings-webinars
Investigation of Change in Resident ConditionProvides discussion on investigating changes in resident condition such as weight loss, acquired pressure ulcers, …trainings-webinars
Incorporating Non-Pharmacological Culture into Care PlansProvides an understanding of unnecessary medications and discussion of non-pharmacological interventions that may be appropriate …trainings-webinars
Taking Action with Action PlansProvides insight in when to develop an action plan and required components including root cause …trainings-webinars
Overview of F-689 Pressure UlcersParticipants will:  explore the intent of the regulation; review guidance for staging PU/PI;  and review …trainings-webinars
CNA Role & Responsibility in Preventing, Identifying, & Reporting Pressure UlcersParticipants will:  explore role & responsibility of CNAs in preventing, identifying, and reporting skin breakdown; …trainings-webinars
Overview of F-697 Pain ManagementParticipants will:  explore intent of regulation; review guidance for pain assessment; explore use of non-pharmacological …trainings-webinars
Medication Management – Best PracticesParticipants will explore: Accurate and timely medication administration of medications using the “6” Rights of …trainings-webinars
Facility AssessmentParticipants will: Regulatory intent of F-838 – Administration:  Facility Assessment CMS guidance for completing the …trainings-webinars
QAPIParticipants will explore: Regulatory intent and guidance supporting 483.75. Operational strategies for engaging team members …trainings-webinars
Resident Transfer / Discharge CFR 483.15An Overview of Resident Rights and Facility Responsibility.  Participants will explore Federal regulations related to …trainings-webinars
Communication – the Key to Preventing and Managing Adverse OutcomesDiscusses strategies for: Morning meeting – stand-up and clinical meeting At Risk meeting Standards of …trainings-webinars
Fall Prevention & Management for Clinical StaffDiscussion focuses on: Fall management program review; Understanding potential impact from falls; Creating culture of …trainings-webinars
Critical Thinking – Making the Most of Your At-Risk MeetingParticipants will: Explore the value of the “at risk” meeting Review organization and structure for …trainings-webinars
Skilled Nursing DocumentationObjectives include: Know the importance of skilled documentation in relation to regulatory requirements, resident outcomes, …trainings-webinars
Qapi – Getting In The Weeds To Implement The “Real” Deal2 Versions Version 1 is for clients who have purchased the 2019 QAPI Manual and …trainings-webinars
QAPI Manual ImplementationDesigned to orient facility team on purchased CHC QAPI Manual and discuss strategies for utilization …trainings-webinars
Abuse Prevention – Preventing & Recognizing Stress and BurnoutAppropriate for both AL and SNF.  Participants will: Identify the link between elder abuse, stress, …trainings-webinars
Making Your Wishes Known: Advanced Directives & DDNR/POSTParticipants will: Identify the types of advance directives. Discuss the facility requirements related to advanced …trainings-webinars
Principles of DocumentationParticipants will: Explore why documentation is important Explore regulatory requirements of documentation in the residents …trainings-webinars
Purposeful Rounding The 4 P’s – A Team ApproachAppropriate for both AL and NF – Participants will explore: The concept of purposeful rounding …trainings-webinars
Care Planning – Keep it SimpleParticipants will: Explore regulatory requirements for person centered care plan Examine key components of a …trainings-webinars
CV-2COVID-19 Advance Directive PackageThe policy offers Advance Directive guidance  as well as an Advance Directive Addendum for use …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-3COVID-19This policy was developed when the Coronavirus-COVID-19 was an evolving pandemic.  Prior to implementation of …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-4COVID-19 Cohorting ResidentsPolicy provided guidance for cohorting residents during COVID-19 pandemic$50 covid-19-specific
CV-5Emergent Infectious DiseaseAppropriate for ALFs and NFs –Policy to add addressing novel infection control manual and addresses …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-6Emergent Infectious Disease PackageIncludes policies on Ebola and Zika$50 covid-19-specific
CV-7Environmental Cleaning and Disinfecting During PandemicPolicy addresses environmental cleaning and disinfecting during a pandemic including cleaning of resident rooms.$50 covid-19-specific
CV-8Hand HygienePolicy addresses hand hygiene techniques including use of hand sanitizers and soap and water.  Included …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-9Infection Control Surveillance PlanPolicy provides guidance to ensure processes and systems are in place to support surveillance activities …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-10Management of Laundry and Linen During an Infectious Disease PandemicPolicy provides guidance on handling linen and resident laundry during and infectious disease pandemic and …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-11Meal Tray/Food Delivery During COVID-19 PandemicPolicy providence guidance on serving and delivering meals to residents with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-12Medical Director and Medical Coverage During a PandemicThe policy provides guidance to ensure there are systems and processes in place to for …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-13Meeting Staffing Needs to Support Resident Care During a Declared PandemicPolicy is designed to create an outline of current facility practices that may be considered …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-14Notification to State/Federal Agencies RE:COVIDPolicy offers guidance to nursing facilities and assisted living facilities on reporting cased of confirmed …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-15Optimizing The Use Of Personal Protective Equipment During an Infectious Disease PandemicPolicy addresses ways to optimize the use of PPE during the pandemic, including use of …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-16Reporting COVID-19 Infections to the CDCPolicy supports reporting to CDC requirements at F-884$50 covid-19-specific
CV-17Reporting to Residents, Resident Representatives, and FamilyPolicy offers reporting strategies to report COVID-19 information and supports F-884$50 covid-19-specific
CV-18Resident Exiting the Facility During a PandemicPolicy addresses facility actions when a resident/representative want to exit, authorized and unauthorized, the facility …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-19Resident Initiated Discharge Without Physician Approval Including During a PandemicPolicy addresses facility actions when a resident / representative want to leave the facility against …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-20Respiratory Hygiene/Cough EtiquettePolicy addresses instruction for precautions, resident / staff training, and provision of supplies.$50 covid-19-specific
CV-21Telehealth and Telemedicine During COVID-19 PandemicPolicy addresses waivers and opportunities for use of telehealth and telemedicine during the COVID pandemic …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-22Terminal Cleaning / Disinfecting Resident Rooms After IsolationPolicy addresses terminal cleaning of residents who have been in isolation for pandemic infections.$50 covid-19-specific
CV-23Transporting Residents During a PandemicPolicy provided guidance on how to safely provided transportation for residents during a pandemic$50 covid-19-specific
CV-24COVID-19 Infection Control Audit Tools PackageThe package offers eight different audit tools designed for staff observation/ competencies in infection control …$150 covid-19-specific
CV-25COVID-19 Testing PlanThe testing plan was revised to reflect current guidance on testing requirements regarding: Screenings Testing …$135 covid-19-specific
CV-26Compassionate Care Visit PackageThis package is appropriate for nursing home or assisted living facility that offers guidance on …$65 covid-19-specific
CV-29Respiratory Protection ProgramIn response to guidance offered from  VDH as well as DOLI, CHC developed a step …$175 covid-19-specific
CV-46COVID-19 Staff Testing Tracking LogA tracking tool designed to track the COVID-19 testing of staff.  The tool is designed …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-47NHSN- Guide for Understanding, Navigating, Analyzing and Auditing the COVID-19 ModulePackage is a compilation of resources that includes: Overview, Purpose and Impact of the NHSN …$100 covid-19-specific
CV-48Visitation Practices During COVID-19 PandemicSample policy offers nursing facilities and assisted living facilities guidance on accomplishing visitation during COVID-19 …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-49Management of Dialysis during COVID-19 PandemicSample policy offers nursing facilities guidance to the facility on systems and processes to address …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-50Admitting / Re-Admitting Residents During COVID 19 PandemicSample policy offer guidance to the facility on admit and/or re-admit residents during the COVID …$50 covid-19-specific
ETS-1Department of Labor and Industry – Reporting and Notifications for Positive COVID-19 EmployeesA package that include sample policy that offers the organization/facility  guidance for compliance with notifications …$50-$75covid-19-specific
ETS-2Department of Labor and Industry – COVID-19 Positive Employees Returning to WorkSample policy offers the organization/facility guidance for compliance with DOLI – Emergency Temporary Standard when …$50 covid-19-specific
ETS-2Sanitizing and Disinfecting Congregate AreasSample policy offers guidance on sanitizing and disinfecting employee congregate areas for compliance with DOLI …$50 covid-19-specific
ETS-3Physical DistancingSample policy offers guidance on physical distancing for employees for compliance with DOLI – Emergency …$50 covid-19-specific
ETS-4Self-Monitoring and Reporting of Symptoms of COVID-19Sample policy offers guidance on employees self-monitoring and reporting of symptoms of COVID-19 for compliance …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-29Confirmed or Suspected Resident with COVID 19Sample care plans are provided in Word Format that is easily adaptable to your EMR …0covid-19-specific
CV-30Risk of Fear, Anxiety, Depression During COVID 19Sample care plans are provided in Word Format that is easily adaptable to your EMR …0covid-19-specific
CV-31Reducing Exposure / Transmission of COVID 19Sample care plans are provided in Word Format that is easily adaptable to your EMR …0covid-19-specific
CV-46 COVID 19 Resident Vaccination Acceptance or Refusal;Sample care plans are provided in Word Format that is easily adaptable to your EMR …0covid-19-specific
CV-32Making Your Wishes Known – Advanced Directive & DDNR/PostA PowerPoint training tool that identified the types of advanced directives, the facility requirements related …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-33N95 RespiratorTraining provides instruction on use, application, removal, and care of the N95 Respirator mask.  This …$50 covid-19-specific
CV-34Paid Feeding Assistant Training ToolA PowerPoint training tool developed in response to the CMS blanket 1135 waiver, training will …$135 covid-19-specific
CV-35COVID-19 Infection Control Audit Tools PackageThe package offers seven different audit tool designed for staff observation/ competencies in infection control …$150 covid-19-specific
CV-36Universal Facial Covering PackageThis package includes: Policy on Universal Facial Covering, Short power point presentation on how to …$75 covid-19-specific
CV-39COVID 19 Implementation TimelineAppropriate tool to help keep track of required actions such as screening, monitoring, precautions, training, …0covid-19-specific
CV-40Managing Stress and Anxiety During COVID 19 PandemicThis package includes a traditional power point presentation and a 20-minute voice automated power point …0covid-19-specific
CV-41Personal Assistant – A Training and Task GuidelineDeveloped for VHCA and made available to all nursing facilities0covid-19-specific
CV-42Timeline for Regulations and GuidanceA tool developed for VHCA that captures the regulations and guidance offered from various organizations …0covid-19-specific
CV-43Return to Work ComparisonA tool developed to compare the return to work guidance for employees who tested positive …0covid-19-specific
CV-44Notification Guidance ComparisonA tool developed to compare the notification and reporting requirements from different entities on suspected …0covid-19-specific
CV-45Step by Step Guide for Locating County Positivity RateA step by step guide to offer instruction on how to find the current positivity …0covid-19-specific
1Abuse and Reporting policyPolicy – includes 7 requirements and updated for reporting times$50 01-nursing-facilities
2Access to electronic devicesPolicy; consistent with F-571$50 01-nursing-facilities
3Active Shooter / Hostage policyPolicy and suggested protocol plus handout for education$50 01-nursing-facilities
4Bed Inspection PackageIncludes policy & inspection form. Policy or inspection form can be purchased individually at $50 …$75 01-nursing-facilities
5Bed Rail & Entrapment PackageIncludes policy, assessment, & consent form. All were updated in 2017 Each can be purchased …$75 01-nursing-facilities
6Care Plan PolicyPolicy updated in 2017 to include baseline care plan and team participants$50 01-nursing-facilities
7Competency PackageIncludes competencies for RN, LPN, CNAs, social work, activities, housekeeping, dietary, laundry, maintenance/engineering and volunteer. …$165 01-nursing-facilities
8Dental ServicesPolicy; consistent with F-790 and-F-791$50 01-nursing-facilities
9Discharge Planning Package #1Package includes: policy; return to community evaluation form; discharge audit form; sample care plans for …$100 01-nursing-facilities
10Discharge Planning Package #2Package includes: discharge summary [anticipated]; discharge summary template for unanticipated discharges and post-discharge plan. Each …$100 01-nursing-facilities
11Drug Regimen ReviewPolicy; addresses guidelines for F-756$50 01-nursing-facilities
12Emergency Preparedness policyPolicy is general; addresses guidelines and expectations under 483.70 and F-838$50 01-nursing-facilities
13Facility TemperaturesPolicy; consistent with F-584$50 01-nursing-facilities
14Fecal Incontinence PackagePolicy – updated 2017; addresses guidelines for F-690 and sample care plan$75 01-nursing-facilities
15First Responder for a Fall ReportForm that incorporates witness statements, environmental elements and resident statements in response to a resident …$50 01-nursing-facilities
16Food Storage / Personal Refrigerators in Resident RoomsPolicy; addresses guidelines for F-804$50 01-nursing-facilities
17Foot care policyPolicy; addresses guidelines for F-687$50 01-nursing-facilities
18GrievancesPolicy; addresses guidelines for F-585$50 01-nursing-facilities
19HospicePolicy; addresses guidelines for F-684 and F-849$50 01-nursing-facilities
20Intimacy and Sexual IntimacyPolicy; addresses resident rights and facility responsibility$50 01-nursing-facilities
21Legionnaire’s Disease and Water Management PackagePackage includes policy, water site management log, preventive maintenance checklist. Policy, log or checklist can …$100 01-nursing-facilities
22Nutrition / Hydration policyPolicy$50 01-nursing-facilities
23Pain ManagementPolicy; addresses guidelines at F-697$50 01-nursing-facilities
24Position Change Alarm Worksheet & policyPolicy and worksheet; addresses guidelines for F-604$75 01-nursing-facilities
25Preventive Maintenance ChecklistChecklist designed for preventive maintenance; addresses multiple F-Tags under 483.90 Physical Environment$50 01-nursing-facilities
26QAPI Committee policyPolicy; addresses guidelines under F-868$50 01-nursing-facilities
27Resident Access to Medical RecordsPolicy: addresses guidelines for F-573$50 01-nursing-facilities
28Resident Rights policyPolicy ? general policy that covers resident rights for 483.10$50 01-nursing-facilities
29Room Change policy & notification formPolicy & sample documentation form; addresses guidelines under F-559$50 01-nursing-facilities
30Transfer & Discharge PackagePackage include policy and sample notification form; addresses guidelines under F-560; Sample letter will need …$75 01-nursing-facilities
31Tube Feeding PolicyPolicy; general. Addresses guidelines under F-693. Additional policies and procedures related to enteral feeding are …$50 01-nursing-facilities
32Vision & Hearing Impairment and ServicesPolicy updated 2017; addresses guidelines for F-685$50 01-nursing-facilities
33VisitationPolicy; addresses guideline for F-563$50 01-nursing-facilities
34QAPI Action Plan formSample template for developing a QAPI action plan that includes root cause analysis and all …$50 01-nursing-facilities
35Admission policyGeneral policy that addresses screening, exclusionary diagnosis / services, and links to policy on discharge …$50 01-nursing-facilities
36Self – Administration of Medication PackagePackage includes policy and resident assessment. If purchased separately policy and assessment are $50 each$75 01-nursing-facilities
37Post Discharge Phone InterviewDesigned to be used following discharge to the community. The intent of the interview is …$50 01-nursing-facilities
38PASARR policy and referral form – VIRGINIA onlyPolicy regarding preadmission screening, completion of Level 1 screening, referral to DBHDS for positive Level …$50 01-nursing-facilities
39CPR policyPolicy that is consistent with F-678. This is not the procedure for CPR but does …$50 01-nursing-facilities
40Crushing Medication PolicyAddresses policy on administering crushed medications orally or by tube feeding. Addresses standard of not …$50 01-nursing-facilities
41Accident / Safety PolicyGeneral policy stating the organization’s commitment to providing a safe environment for residents$50 01-nursing-facilities
42Antibiotic Stewardship Program Resource GuideA comprehensive package that includes sample policy, self-assessment, step-by-step guide for development, clinical assessment tool, …$175 01-nursing-facilities
43Volunteer PolicyGeneral policy regarding use of volunteers including screening, orientation/training and supervision.$50 01-nursing-facilities
44Facility Closure policyPolicy outline responsibility of administrator if facility closes and requirements for notice to residents, representatives …$75 01-nursing-facilities
45Hot Liquid policy & assessmentA risk assessment for resident safety when eating / drinking hot liquids with accompanying policy.$75 01-nursing-facilities
46Device EvaluationEvaluation tool to assist IDT in determining value/risk of device and if device functions as …$50 01-nursing-facilities
47Fire Watch PolicyGeneral policy with guidance when and how to implement “fire watch” when sprinkler and/or alarm …$50 01-nursing-facilities
48Medical Record Signature [hard copy chart]Policy outlining authentication of signature in the hard copy chart$50 01-nursing-facilities
49Medical Record Signature [EMR]Policy outlining authentication and security of signatures in the Electronic Medical Record$50 01-nursing-facilities
50Dialysis PackageUpdated for consistency with F698, included are policies for caring for residents with ESRD, caring …$75 01-nursing-facilities
51VIRGINIA – SNF Training RequirementsGuidelines for training requirements for VIRGINIA SNFs based on VIRGINIA licensure requirements, certification requirements and …$50 01-nursing-facilities
52SNF Training RequirementsGuidelines for training requirements for SNF [non-Virginia] that are based on certification requirements and best …$50 01-nursing-facilities
53Baseline Careplan TemplateA Word document that can be completed utilizing checklist and/or test boxes with all the …$50 01-nursing-facilities
54Meal Observation AuditAn audit tool to use to gain knowledge of resident satisfaction and regulatory compliance during …$50 01-nursing-facilities
55Investigating Food-Borne IllnessIncludes policies/tools for investigating and managing a food-borne illness outbreak.$75 01-nursing-facilities
56Use of “In-House” PT/INR devicesPolicy outlining protocols for use of in-house INR devices$50 01-nursing-facilities
57Smoking Policy/WorksheetUpdated 2018 to include regulatory reference, resident educations, reasonable accommodations, and potential consequences when resident …$75 01-nursing-facilities
58Drug Regimen Review Policy and Worksheet for Medicare Part A ResidentsUpdated policy with specific instructions for completion Drug Regimen Reviews [DRR] for residents who are …$75 01-nursing-facilities
59Physical Restraint policy and Consent packagePolicy outlining facility responsibility for use of physical restraints [contains some Virginia specific requirements] and …$75 01-nursing-facilities
60PASARR – 2018 Update for Virginia FacilitiesPolicy has been updated to be compliant with DMAS memo and completion of Level 1 …$75 01-nursing-facilities
61Motorized Mobility Device PackageIncludes policy on resident use of motorized mobility devices (e.g., wheelchairs, scooters, etc.), memorandum of …$100 01-nursing-facilities
62Mechanical Lift PackageIncludes policy for use of mechanical lifts and a checklist for safety inspection. Each tool …$75 01-nursing-facilities
63Electronic Monitoring in Resident Rooms Not Allowed (VIRGINIA ONLY)Includes policy regarding facility choice to not allow electronic monitoring in resident rooms and the …$50 01-nursing-facilities
64Clinical Record policyGeneral policy outlining content of clinical records, organization, use of hybrid records, etc.$50 01-nursing-facilities
65Elopement/Missing Person policyEstablishes protocols for facility actions when a resident elopes and/or is missing.$50 01-nursing-facilities
66Focused Audit Tool – Admission/DischargeAudit tool to monitor that all required information is sent to Emergency Room or other …$50 01-nursing-facilities
67Guideline for Unavailable MedicationsStep by step guide for staff to follow when medications are not available$50 01-nursing-facilities
68Emergent Infectious Disease Package3 policies supporting the revised Emergency Preparedness regulations. There is a general policy on EID …$150 01-nursing-facilities
69LifeVest Cardioverter Defibrillator policyPolicy / procedure for residents who use LifeVest Cardioverter Defibrillator$50 01-nursing-facilities
70Post Fall AssessmentAn assessment tool to guide the user in an assessment post fall, includes a process …$50 01-nursing-facilities
71Fall Prevention PolicyPolicy offering guidance on fall prevention, includes a process flow chart$50 01-nursing-facilities
72Pharmaceutical Hazardous Waste Disposal PolicyPolicy provides guidelines for the nursing facility responsibilities for managing pharmaceutical hazardous waste disposal and …$50 01-nursing-facilities
73Admitting Residents with COVID 19Policy provides guidelines for admitting residents who are positive or have suspected COVID 19$50 01-nursing-facilities
74Optimizing PPE During PandemicPolicy provides guidelines for optimizing PPE during a pandemic. Policy addresses face masks, eye protection, …$50 01-nursing-facilities
75Anticoagulant Management with Warfarin Policy & Tracking ToolPolicy provides guidelines for managing administration of Warfarin and includes tracking tool for monitoring PT/INRs …$50 01-nursing-facilities
46DPoC Sample TemplateA sample template for meeting the requirements of components for a Directed Plan of Correction. …$50 01-nursing-facilities
77QAPI ManualA comprehensive manual consisting of approximately 500 pages offering guidance to skilled and long-term care …$475 01-nursing-facilities
78Credentialing of Licensed Healthcare Practitioners PolicyThe policy offers guidance to the organization for ensuring the licensed healthcare practitioners practicing within …$50 01-nursing-facilities
79Restorative Nursing Guide for Long-Term Care FacilitiesA guide that offers a compilation of resources that provides nursing facilities with education, guidance …$200 01-nursing-facilities
80Tuberculosis Screening – Nursing Facility ResidentsThe policy offers guidance for to following established guidelines and procedures from the Centers for …$50 01-nursing-facilities
81Tuberculosis Screening- Employees and VolunteersThe policy offers guidance for to following established guidelines and procedures from the Centers for …$50 01-nursing-facilities
C-1Oxygen StorageGuidelines for storing oxygen cylinders$50 hc-al-combined
Influenza Vaccination policyUpdated for consistency with F-483.80 guidelines; includes policy and consent form.$75 hc-al-combined
C-3Pneumococcal Vaccination policyUpdated for consistency with F-483.80 guidelines; includes policy and consent form$75 hc-al-combined
C-4Abuse Policy – Social MediaAbuse Policy – Protecting Resident Privacy and Prohibiting Mental Abuse Related to Photographs and Audio/Video …$50 hc-al-combined
C-5Service AnimalsPolicy addresses use of service animals for residents, staff, and visitors; based on ADA guidelines$50 hc-al-combined
C-6Advanced Directive / POST packagePackage includes policy on Advanced Directive and policy on completing POST forms$75 hc-al-combined
C-7Independent Therapeutic Leave PackagePackage includes a sample policy and screening tool for residents desiring to leave the facility …$75 hc-al-combined
Informed Refusal PackagePackage includes a sample policy offering guidance on how to balance between the facility’s responsibility …$75 hc-al-combined
C-9Alcoholic Beverage ConsumptionThis policy provides guidance on protecting the resident’s right to make decisions regarding the consumption …$50 hc-al-combined
CV-53Vaccine Exemption Request FormSample letter for staff to utilize in requesting medical or religious exemption from COVID-19 vaccine.$50covid-19-specific
CV-51Mandatory COVID-19 VaccinePolicy offers guidance to nursing facilities on the three required components of the vaccine mandate.$60covid-19-specific
CV-52Vaccine Tracking LogAn excel spreadsheet to track vaccine status for staff, volunteers, vendors and students, as well …$50covid-19-specific
CV-55Administration of Monoclonal Antibody TreatmentSample policy offers guidance on administering anti-SARS-CoV-2 treatments that have received Emergency Use Authorization from …$50covid-19-specific
CV-54Letter to Vendors – Vaccine RequirementSample letter to vendors that interact with staff or resident requiring COVID-19 vaccine.$50covid-19-specific
CV-56Return to Work PolicySample policy offers general guidance on HCP returning to work following COVID-19 quarantine protocols$60covid-19-specific
84Oxygen AdministrationPolicy offering guidance on proper administration of oxygen.$6001-nursing-facilities
De-escalation Training for CaregiversTraining Highlights • Strategies, techniques and methods intended to reduce a resident’s agitation, aggression and/or …$195trainings-webinars
CV-57Staffing Mitigation PlanPolicy offers guidance on staffing strategies to consider during staffing shortages in sequential order of …$50covid-19-specific