QAPI Manual

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A comprehensive manual consisting of approximately 500 pages offering guidance to skilled and long-term care nursing facilities in Quality Assurance Performance Improvement.

  • The manual consists of 8 different sections or chapters that are comprehensive, thorough and easy to follow, offering discussions on implementing, fine-tuning, and modifying a successful QAPI program.
  • The manual has over 58 audit tools and multiple examples of how to conduct the audits.
  • The manual has 7 investigative tools that guide the user in a new approach to conducting investigations. The tools provide direction on determining the root cause of the incident being investigated. The tools are offered in hard copy as well as electronic “fill-in” versions.
  • The manual has multiple staff development and education resources including competencies, handouts, templates, and PDF versions of extensive PowerPoint presentations.
  • The manual is offered in both electronic and hard copy. The hard copy will include resources in a 3-ring tabbed binder with an attached copy of the electronic version. The electronic copy will be available on “thumb” drive.
Categories: Nursing Facilities
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