COVID-19 Testing Plan

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The testing plan was revised to reflect current guidance on testing requirements regarding:

  • Screenings
  • Testing Triggers
  • Testing of Staff and Residents in Response to an Outbreak
  • Routine Testing Based on Positivity Rate in County and surrounding community
  • Refusal of Testing from Staff and Residents
  • Specimen Collection and Conducting Testing
  • Reporting Test Results
  • Documentation of Testing
  • Filing Lab Results
  • Testing Supplies
  • Tracking
  • Facility Response to Testing Results

This is a 10-page policy to address the requirements of having a comprehensive COVID-19 Testing Plan in place to enter Phase 1 of the Virginia guidance on “Re-Opening Nursing Homes”.  While such plan is not required by Virginia DSS for assisted living facilities, many communities may desire to follow the same process as the nursing home.  The document includes the following areas of discussion:

  • Routine screening of residents, staff, and visitors
  • Base line testing for residents and staff
  • Subsequent and Follow-Up Testing
    • Frequency
    • Collaboration local health departments
    • Utilization of contracted laboratories
    • Specimen collection
    • Financial implications
    • Tracking screening and testing results
  • Resident and/or staff refusal for testing

Facility response to resident and staff test results, including staffing contingency plan

Price is $135 for initial purchase of plan, if plan purchased originally at first publications, price is $70 for revised plan

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